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Setting Up Your Belmont Garden Cantilever Umbrella

Follow these steps to ensure your Belmont Garden 9' Cantilever Umbrella is properly installed with the weighted base to hold steady in windy conditions.

FIlling the SandBag

One of the main issues that can cause the Belmont Garden Cantilever Umbrella to tip over in the wind is not filling the weighted base properly.

A custom sandbag with an opening flap is included with the umbrella, but needs to be filled by the user upon receipt of the item. The sandbag can hold up to 100 lbs of sand and is most effective when filled to properly.

We have found that in situations where the umbrella tipped over in the wind, the bag was not filled to capacity, usually only around 50% full. At 50 lbs, the bag will feel heavy and will keep the umbrella upright in calm weather, but it needs to be heavier to withstand higher windspeeds. If there is slack in the bag, add more sand until the bag feels firm. This should take the weight of the bag above 80 lbs, which will better support the frame in higher winds.

Securing the Top Pole

Where the top pole fits into the bottom pole on the base, there is a locking mechanism that helps prevent the top pole from turning. Ensure that the pegs on the top pole are firmly set in the notches on the bottom pole and the stabilizer knobs are fully tightened to secure the top pole in place.

We hope that these tips help to properly set up your Belmont Garden Cantilever Umbrella for years of enjoyment.

Properly Lower the Arm for Storage

It is important to properly lower the canopy arm to prevent damage to the components. Never forcibly push down the canopy arm without following these steps.

  1. Unlock the canopy arm
  2. Lift up on the canopy arm locking collar
  3. Lower the canopy arm until it reaches the base of the upper pole

We hope that these tips help to properly set up your Belmont Garden Cantilever Umbrella for years of enjoyment.

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